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I was born in 1954, educated and married in South Africa and had my children and career in the UK. I am a Chartered Accountant and worked in administration management roles for a London City investment bank for 24 years. I took very early retirement in 2002.

I have been married to Tibby since 1976 and I have been privileged to have done almost all my travelling with her. We have three adult children. Our home is in London but we spend several months each year in our Cape Town home in their summer. We love travelling and have explored Europe for four months in a camper van, overlanded from London to Katmandu, walked on a glacier in Canada, travelled from San Francisco to LA in a RV, seen a volcano erupt in Costa Rica, body surfed in Hawaii, snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef, rode elephants in Thailand, enjoyed the Taj Mahal under a full moon, hiked in the Himalayan foothills and sailed in a Nile felucca. We have travelled long distances in trains in Europe, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, India, Thailand and Canada. We love the African bush and spend time in game reserves every year.

I enjoy spinning in the gym and hiking in mountains. I am economically conservative, socially liberal and ecologically green. I can be contacted at robert@stodel.com. 

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  1. Hello:

    Bobby Stodel

    Thank you for your blog on the history of the Stodel Family. Andrew Jack Stodel was my great grandfather.

    I also love to travel and have been to several of the places you mention in “About Bobby Stodel”. I live in Los Angeles. If you are every in that city, please let me know. I would love to meet you.

    Do you know what the name “Stodel” means. Some advise me that it means “little town” from the German word “Steckl”.

    The website Moron has a history of the Stodels going back to around the early 1600’s in Holland. Does the Polish history of the Stodels precede
    the Holland years?

    I would love to get what ever information and family trees you have re the history of the Stodels.


    Jeffrey C. Stodel

  2. David Faulds says:

    Hi Bobby
    I am sorry you did not enjoy the Lanza show and I agree it is a shame I had to sing mainly extracts from the great Lanza songs but this was due to two reasons
    1. The Time constraints of performing at the Edinburgh fringe – the show had to be cut drastically from 96 mins to around 50 mins
    2. The songs are used as a soundscape to tell the story of Lanza’s rise and fall and are cut to help with the drama – and not intended to be a concert.

    The show is intended as a play with music and yours has been the only negative review I terms of either my acting or singing in over a year, but you are of course welcome to your opinion – it is all a matter of personal tastes. There have been many Lanza tributes which tell the story of Lanza’s life and are in fact a concert of his amazing songs. Lanza was, in my view, among the greatest singers of the 20th century and I cannot possibly do the man justice – I am trying to help keep the Lanza legend alive.

    I am an ex West End actor and have also sung with vatious opera companies including Scottish Opera and Carl Rosa Opera.
    Once again I am sorry that you were dissapointed in my performance but I hope you learned something about the Great singer/actor.

    It is perhaps interesting that Lanza was often criticised about his Acting

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