London Road

We saw London Road at The Fugard Theatre in Cape Town on Tuesday 26th April. It was a powerful sixty five minute performance.

This was the first play written by Nicholas Spagnoletti and it focuses on the developing friendship between Rosa, the old Jewish lady, and Stella, the young Nigerian, who both live in London Road in Sea Point in Cape Town. Robyn Scott acting the part of Rosa, a woman at least twice her age, is completely believable as she ‘rages against the dying of the light’ and the way she and Stella are treated in very different ways. She brings home the difficulties of people living longer, the confusion of a world changing dramatically around her, the expectations of the elderly person of her children and their response and the reality, in a South African sense, of the children being abroad. Ntombi Makhutshi acting the supportive role of Stella highlighted the problems of illegal immigrants, complex African marital relationships and the drug trade. The development of the unlikely friendship between the two women was portrayed very well by both the playwright and the actors. The audience was drawn into their emotional journey. One left the theatre feeling enriched.

Another excellent play at the Fugard. I will look out for the forthcoming productions of this new theatre.