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We attended the Wisley Gardens Outdoor Music  Festival with our friends Clare, Jean and Richard on Saturday 12th June 2010. The Festival is held on the second week of June each year and features a classical evening and two rock related evenings. This year we attended the evening where two tribute bands played. They were Jive Talkin’s Bee Gees Story and The Bootleg Beatles. This is the fourth time we have been to the Wisley Festival.

We arrived two hours before the music began, settled in on the grass about forty metres from the stage and enjoyed our lovely picnic and wine. It was a beautiful evening.

Jive Talkin’s Bee Gees Story sang all the popular numbers and were quite pleasant.  The audience wanted to be supportive but the band just wasn’t convincing.

The Bootleg Beatles arrived on stage looking the part and with the first few bars of the first song they had everyone off their feet dancing. It did not stop for ninety minutes. We danced and leapt and waved our arms and joined in the singing again and again. It was wonderful.

And as they finished there was a spectacular fireworks display. Well done Wisley!

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