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Five of us ate at Carne in Cape Town on 23rd December 2010. As always the meat was superb.

Carne in Keerom Street specialises in meat to the extent that the owner rears his own beef on his farm. Between us we had two hanger steaks which were very special, two shared a rib of beef and the fifth had a sirloin steak. The quality of the meat was the best. It was cooked to perfection. The fries were wonderful. If you love steak don’t go anywhere else in Cape Town.

I have some complaints. The restaurant feels like a prison cell. I understand that it is very modern to have unpainted walls but it is not comfortable in a cellar room which this is. The starter selection is very meat focused so very similar to the main courses. Two of my companions had a biltong salad which they raved about. I had a mozzarella and tomato salad. I was looking forward to a few good pieces of each but got a patty of them grated up. A cheap way of delivering an expensive starter. And finally their wines are probably twice the price of most other restaurants.  

 So the happiest solution is to skip starters, enjoy the steaks, take one bottle of your own (their limit) and pay the R40 corkage.

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