Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa Dec 2020

I love the transformation of the Silo Building in the Waterfront in Cape Town. The architectural practice of Thomas Hardwick designed the conversion of a grading tower and a storage annex of 42 tubular silos into a magnificent building housing an hotel and the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa.

In this time of COVID-19 the museum invited submissions of art from the residents of Cape Town and displayed all the 2,000 that were submitted. They called the exhibition ‘HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS’. I attended the exhibition on 3rd December 2020. As always with contemporary art, there were some exhibits that I did not understand but most were a delight to my eye. I was surprised to be allowed to take photos which has allowed me to share some of the lovely art with you. In many ways this exhibition is similar to the Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy in London, except that that exhibition is fiercely competitive and that exhibits can be bought. I would have liked to buy a few of these exhibits. The largest exhibit was by the artist called Rain who invited the exhibition attendees to respond to the question ‘To Live a More Fulfilling Life, I Still Hope … ‘ with their own thoughts and leave them on one of the 1,000 pegs. A huge range of hopes were offered.