In September and October 2021, I travelled 7,000 kms through Tanzania and Zambia in 40 days. I started my trip in Arusha in Tanzania, headed down the eastern side of Tanzania as far as Nyerere National Park and then travelled west across the width of the country to Lake Tanganyika.

On 26th December 2020 I walked through Camden Town with Juls and she showed me some of the notable street art. In that area there is lots more of interest as well.

We arrived at our Santiago hotel location, according to our sat nav, and I did not dare to stop. We had stayed in this hotel five years ago and had memories of a tree lined road with smart apartment buildings in the neighbourhood.

We stayed three nights in Valparaiso from 4th February 2020. Valparaiso was the principal port of Chile for hundreds of years and the government, navy and wealthy traders built several impressive buildings.

I attended a lecture onboard our cruise, hosted by the World Wildlife Fund, which principally focused on the work and legacy of Douglas Tompkins.