The Guardian Newspaper’s Head of Photography and Guardian photographer David Levene on 3rd March 2011 at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The presentation by the Guardian Eyewitness Photo Editor was wonderful

We went to see The Children’s Hour at the Comedy Theatre in London on 28th February 2011. After a very slow start this play stormed to the finish.

We saw The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists at the lovely Fugard Theatre in Cape Town on Friday 29th October 2010. This was a self indulgent production that failed to entertain or inform.

This play is an extract from the final chapter of Ulysses by James Joyce. The action takes place in the early hours of 17th June 1904 in the bedroom of Leopold and Molly Bloom in Dublin.

Tibby and I attended a performance of the opera, Nabucco, on 5th June 2010 in the open air in the desert at the foot of Mount Masada at the Dead Sea in Israel.

Jersey Boys tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons in an upbeat way which sent us home humming and happy

We saw London Road at The Fugard Theatre in Cape Town on Tuesday 26th April. It was a powerful sixty five minute performance. Robyn Scott and Ntombi Makhutshi do a wonderful job in bringing Nicholas Spagnoletti’s London Road to the Fugard Theatre

Decadence by Steven Berkoff was performed wonderfully by Scott Sparrow and Emily Child at the Intimate Theatre in Cape Town

The Train Driver is the latest play from Athol Fugard. It had its world premiere at the new Fugard Theatre in Cape Town in March 2010. The 75 minute play is a dialogue between Simon, the black grave digger, and Roelf, the white train driver. The action of…