Travels in Africa


In September and October 2021, I travelled 7,000 kms through Tanzania and Zambia in 40 days. I started my trip in Arusha in Tanzania, headed down the eastern side of Tanzania as far as Nyerere National Park and then travelled west across the width of the country to Lake Tanganyika.

In September 2019 I drove from Livingstone in Zambia, circumnavigated the Kariba Dam, went through Hwange National Park into Botswana, had two days in the Tuli Block, one day in Khutse National Park and then drove to Cape Town.

In April and May 2019, I drove from Cape Town to Rundu in Namibia, where I joined a group led by Live the Journey for a two-week road trip in Angola.

In September and October 2017 my wife, Tibby, and I did a forty-four-day 6,500 km trip from Cape Town, through Namibia and back to Cape Town.

Tibby and I travelled up the Wild Coast of South Africa for ten days from 11th October 2010. The Wild Coast stretches for about 600kms from just north of East London to just south of Port Edward on the east coast next to the Indian Ocean.