Tibby and I did a 16-day cruise on Azamara Onward from Lima to Miami in February 2023. We spent four days in Lima before the cruise and one night in Daytona after. Our friend, Vickie Downie, joined us on the cruise. We flew on 8th February 2023 to Lima via Madrid. As we approached the coastline of Spain from London, we had a magnificent view of the snow covered Pyrenees. Twenty hours after leaving our home in London we arrived at Hotel B in the suburb of Barranco in Lima, Peru. The 2022 census recorded close to 14 million inhabitants in the Lima conurbation out of a total population of Peru of 34 million. The greater city stretches for 130 kms along the coast and about 37 kms inland. It is one of the driest cities in the world with annual average rainfall of 7mm. On the other hand, the…